Here are the stages of the Fairytale Heroine’s Journey:

1. The heroine receives gifts.
2. The heroine leaves or loses her home.
3. The heroine enters the dark forest.
4. The heroine finds a temporary home.
5. The heroine meets friends and helpers.
6. The heroine learns to work.
7. The heroine endures temptations and trials.
8. The heroine dies or is in disguise.
9. The heroine is revived or recognized.
10. The heroine finds her true partner.
11. The heroine enters her permanent home.
12. The heroine’s tormentors are punished.

These stages are described in more detail in an article I wrote for Faerie Magazine and a paper I gave at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, which are linked to below and in the sidebar.

Researching and developing my ideas about the Fairytale Heroine’s Journey has itself been a journey! The first stage, after I had started noticing the structural similarities between a number of fairy tales about women’s lives, such as “Snow White,” “Cinderella,” and “Beauty and the Beast,” was to write an article on the Fairytale Heroine’s Journey for Faerie Magazine. You can find that article here:

The Fairytale Heroine’s Journey

The next stage was to present a paper at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, so I could test my theories and arguments in front of an audience of scholars. You can find that paper here, along with a set of relevant quotations I handed out at the conference:

Mapping the Fairytale Heroine’s Journey
Mapping the Fairytale Heroine’s Journey: Quotations

What comes next? This website! Here I will continue developing my ideas. Check back to see how they develop as I look at the stages of the journey and specific tales in more detail . . .